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Introducing Design Sprint Remote by Sprinty

Today, we launch our first product under the Sprinty banner. Design Sprint Remote is an all-in-one toolkit for remote workshop participants, giving them the tools and resources they need to make the most of their remote workshops.

Aimed at facilitators of Remote Design Sprints, these kits can be ordered before the Design Sprint and delivered directly to the Sprint Team, giving each member of the team exactly what they need. 

Design Sprint Remote includes:

  • A welcome card, introducing participants to the remote Sprint and helping the set up for the event
  • Responsibly sourced worksheets for the Crazy Eights and Concept Sketch activities
  • A best-in-class Staedtler permanent pen
  • Best-in-class mt Washi Tape
  • Responsibly-sourced Meeting Flow cards to keep the workshop flowing smoothly
  • A surprise or two

Each element of this pack, like all Sprinty packs, has been carefully considered for what it adds to the pack and what it takes from the environment. 

Design Sprint Remote will cost £39.00 per participant. The BETA version costs £19.00 (plus VAT & shipping) and is available to buy now.

Everything Considered. Considered Everything.

Welcome Card

Our welcome card introduced your participants to Design Sprint Remote, what it's for, and what's inside it. It also contains a checklist for participants to make sure they're prepared and ready to go when it comes to the main event.

Download a copy of the welcome card here.

Staedtler Lumocolor 317 Permanent Pen

Staedtler's philanthropic and environmentally-focussed business practices are beaten only by the quality of their stationery. The Lumocolor 317 Permanent Pen offers smudge, sun and weatherproof writing on almost any surface.

Its ink, stored in a plane-safe pressurised container, rapidly dried once it's written with, making it perfect for left-handed writers, but stays liquid in the pen even if the cap is left off for a few days.

To cap it all off, the Lumocolor 317 can be refilled using the Staedtler 487 17 refill station, available from all good office supplies companies.

mt Washi Tape

It's not normal to get excited about masking tape, we know that. But when you first use Washi Tape, you'll join us in being excited for just how great this tape is.

Used extensively in Japan, this tape is strong and durable enough to keep a document up on the wall for weeks, whilst also paint-friendly enough to peel off without taking the wall with it.

We've specifically chosen colours of Washi Tape that will disappear into the background, putting your work front and centre.


Responsibly sourced in the UK, our worksheets are printed on recycled and recyclable paper using vegetable based inks.

Their design focusses on getting your Sprint participants straight into the activity. Minimal explanation helps them understand what they need to do without detracting from your facilitation and instructions.

Remote Session Cards

Keep your remote workshops flowing with our Remote Session Cards. These double-sided rigid cards can be used by participants to let you know of a problem or opinion. 

Design Sprint Remote includes the following cards:

  • I can't see you
  • I can't hear you
  • Please mute
  • Someone has background noise
  • Let's move on please
  • Please repeat that
  • Be right back
  • Your connection is lagging

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