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Send Sprinty Toolkits to Multiple Addresses

Let us handle the packaging and shipping to send your Sprinty Toolkits direct to your workshop participants.

Send Us An Email

If you'd like us to send Sprinty to two or more addresses, email us at with the following information:

  • The total number of packs you would like to order
  • The names and addresses where the packs should be sent to
  • The number of packs you would like sent to each address
  • The date you're starting your workshop

Once we have this information, we'll create and send you a custom order that you can review and pay for online. At the same time, we'll reserve the number of kits you're looking for for up to 3 working days, so you're certain they won't be sold before you complete your order.

Tracking Numbers

If tracking is available for your shipping option, we will send the tracking numbers to your email address, so that you can see how your parcels are progressing.

Recipient Data 

The workshop participant name and address information you provide will be used only for the management of this order. We will not add your participant’s data to Shopify nor will we register them for our newsletter or other marketing.

All packages come in branded Sprinty packaging, so people you've sent these packs to may decide to register themselves as Sprinty customers in the future.